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Mar 11, 2022

EMS Japan suspends deliveries to Europe/ New DHL rate to Europe

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Dear ApparelX Global members,

It has been a challenging period for all of us due the pandemic and then the tragic situation between Russia and Ukraine. 

Unfortunately, because of Ukraine and Russia circumstances, starting from March 8th 2022 Japan Post no longer operates to Europe, including Airmail, Epackage and EMS services.   

As the result, ApparelX is unable to offer International Economy Delivery (EMS) and International Small Package (Epackage) for our Europe order at the current time. 

Please be reassured as DHL Japan's services area still opens to Europe, and to show our support to our dearest customers, we decided to take the loss to our side and lower the DHL delivery rate to Europe. For more details regarding the new DHL rate, please visit the Check Out page.

We know this must be a difficult time for everyone so we wanted to reach out and let our global members know as a trusted business partner we are standing with you.    


Best regards, 


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Deliver From Japan
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