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Apr 11, 2024

【Gratitude】Corporate Registrations Surpass 20,000 Companies

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We are always immensely grateful for your support.

The number of corporate accounts registered with ApparelX has surpassed 20,000 companies. We have reached this milestone with the support of many customers. We truly thank you.

Current Status of ApparelX, the B2B Site for Apparel Materials

  • Number of registered corporations (members): 20,000 companies
  • Number of registered items: Over 13,000 items
  • Number of featured manufacturers: 126 companies

In approximately two years, we have increased our membership by 10,000 companies, receiving orders from companies around the world that require apparel materials, not just those in Japan. We have established a system that allows anyone to arrange materials easily from anywhere at any time, with clear display of overseas shipping costs, strengthened stock linkage with manufacturers, and enhanced messaging functions with operators. Furthermore, with a wide range of over 13,000 items provided by 126 manufacturers, we are offering services that satisfy many customers.

20,000 Companies Commemoration Campaign

To commemorate the registration of 20,000 companies and to express our gratitude to our customers, we will be running a campaign that doubles the ApparelX points earned during orders for a month. The campaign will run from April 11th (Thursday) to May 10th (Friday), making material arrangement on ApparelX more advantageous than ever. Through this campaign, we aim to express our gratitude to our members. As a leading B2B platform in the industry, we will continue to provide high-quality apparel materials and comprehensively support the businesses of our member companies.

  • Campaign Period: From April 11th, 2024 (Thursday) 0:00 to May 10th, 2024 (Friday) 24:00
  • Points doubled (from the usual 1% to 2%)
  • All purchases during the period are eligible

You can register through the button below.

We look forward to your continued support of ApparelX.

Best regards,

ApparelX Global Team

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