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ApparelX is B2B e-commerce site for the apparel industry.

ApparelX Point

What are ApparelX points?

ApparelX points are points that are awarded when you purchase on the ApparelX website for apparel materials and can be used as 1 point = 1 yen *. ApparelX points are accumulated when ordering the target product, and the accumulated points can be used as 1 point = 1 yen for shopping at ApparelX.

*) The amount of fee will be converted by the currency that you select.

For the usage history and balance of ApparelX points, please check the My Account page.


Points are awarded at a rate of 1% of the product price. It is subject to change without notice due to non-covered products and campaigns.

Getting points

ApparelX points have a pending and committed state. At the time of purchase, the status of points will be suspended and will be confirmed within 5 business days after the shipment of the product. You can use the points in ApparelX when the status becomes confirmed. In addition, after shipping the product, if the product is returned for any reason, the points earned will be deducted.

Expiration date of points

ApparelX points do NOT currently expire. The expiration date is subject to change. In that case, please note that we will contact you in advance.

Time Limited Point

Time Limited Point granted for a limited period of time through campaigns, etc. Within the period, you can use it like normal ApparelX points. After the period expires, the unused portion will be invalid. On the points page, you can check the number of valid points by period. In addition, if there are multiple Time Limited points, the points with the closest expiration date will be used first.


It may take 1-2 days for the granted ApparelX points and used ApparelX points to be reflected on the ApparelX Point page. ApparelX will not redeem ApparelX points under any circumstances.

ApparelX points can only be used with the account that earned the points. ApparelX points cannot be moved to other accounts. However, points can be shared between users of the same company when operating with multiple users in one company.
Deliver From Japan
USD | United States dollar