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ApparelX is B2B e-commerce site for the apparel industry.


Delivery time

The delivery date shown on ApparelX is the expected arrival date after your parcel is shipped, not from the date you placed your order.
The arrival date will change depending on your delivery method and the shipping address/region. For more information, please visit our Checkout page.
All of the arrival dates displayed do not include customs clearance time. We strongly recommend you keep track with the delivery company to ensure the arrival date.

Shipping Methods

You can choose the following shipping methods at the ApparelX Global site.
* International Standard Delivery: Our most recommended delivery option. This international standard method is when the supplier appoints the delivery company. The delivery fee will be different depending on the shipping address. The customer cannot appoint the delivery company when choosing this option.

* International Economy Delivery: This is a reasonable delivery fee option, although it takes more days than the standard one. If you are not in a hurry, we recommend this option.

* International Small Packet (Up to 2kg): This is only for sample cards and small parcels under 2.0kg. It takes the most days to arrive, however the delivery fee is the most reasonable.

* Combined delivery: Your order will be shipped together with the previous orders to save delivery fee. Please note that choosing this option may delay the shipping date.
If you have other orders that are able to combined shipping, but Combined delivery option does not available when checking out, please contact us.

* Your own delivery account: The customer will organize the delivery company by themselves. ApparelX will charge you zero delivery fee when using this option.
In case the customer wants to use his or her DHL account, ApparelX will use the delivery account information that the customer gave us.
To activate Your own delivery account option, please contact us.

*** For Japan shipping addresses, your order will be eligible for 600 JPY (apx. 6USD) flat rate shipping. However 10% of VAT will be occured since your order will be treated as a domestic order.

The availability of these options depends on the country to which you ship. The delivery company, the delivery days, and the delivery charge are shown at your checkout page.

Delivery Companies


EMS is the fastest international mail service for sending up to 30 kg of documents and merchandise simply and conveniently to over 120 countries and territories worldwide.


The world's most famous delivery company providing courier services. The cost is relatively high, but you can get the package in the shortest time.

SF Express

The fast growing Chinese delivery company providing worldwide courier services. Especially, in Asia region, it provides the most reasonable and quickest delivery service.


The biggest Japanese courier company providing the worldwide support.
Deliver From Japan
USD | United States dollar