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EXCY Group

EXCY Group

* Yamamoto Co., Ltd.
Wholesale of accessories such as linings and buttons, wholesale of men's formal accessories, custom-made suits sewing
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* Okura Shoji Co., Ltd.
Apparel material trading company
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* Design X Co., Ltd.
IT service development and operation

History of EXCY Group

Yamamoto Shoten Co., Ltd. (reorganized as a stock company in 1959, changed name to Yamamoto Co., Ltd. in 1964) was established as a button and lining wholesaler for tailors in Kandasudacho in 1947.

Since then, the business has expanded with the development of the Japanese textile and apparel industry after the war, and the women's department was established in 1952. In 1933, Okura Shoji Co., Ltd., a specialized apparel subsidiary material trading company for apparel manufacturers and sewing factories (Changed the name to Okura Shoji Co., Ltd.) in 1937, and established the Sapporo store in 1937, and to realize "a wide range of products", "good quality low price", "quick response" while keeping "Seijitsu Ichiro" as a slogan.

Our original business is wholesale of apparel accessories such as buttons, linings, interlinings, and fasteners (men's and ladies'), and men's formal accessories manufacturing wholesale such as butterfly ties and cummerbunds, which started in 1965, together with business purchase in 2006. We are aiming to become Japan's number one fashion kuroko company, with the corporate brand called EXCY in the center, centering on the custom order outsourcing business that we started.

In 2012, the representative changed, strengthening the customer-first principle with the slogan "Let me help you with good manufacturing", and the progress of overseas procurement centered on the United Kingdom and Italy. We will continue to innovate together with Yamamoto Co., Ltd. and Okura Co., Ltd. by taking measures such as product development and improving customer service by reforming our core system.

And in September 2015, we established DesignX Co., Ltd., which develops and operates IT services to accelerate the IT strategy of the group. We will create services such as iTeams, a cloud ERP for the apparel industry, and, ApparelX, a BtoB site for apparel materials, to change the world with technology and design.
Deliver From Japan
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