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ApparelX is B2B e-commerce site for the apparel industry.


Cutting fee, small order fee and cutting limitation

Cutting fee: Up-charge for purchasing cut fabric
Small order fee: Up-charge for purchasing in small quantity
Cutting limitation: Maximum cutting quantity allowed by the manufacturer for one item per customer.

Most of the inhouse inventory fabric and other items like lining, loomstate and pocket lining do not have cutting fee. You can order these items in small quantities without worrying about extra charge.

For non-stock items, the items will be arranged directly from the manufacturers.
Depending on the manufacturer,items like fabric usually have a cutting fee and small order fee when the order quantity is less than one roll.
Some manufacturers also set cutting limitations up to 5 meters per customer, as the manufacturers only accept orders in rolls, not metters. In this case the cutting is for sample purpose only.

Since those non-stock fabrics are cut directly by the manufacturers, cutting fee, small order fee and cutting limitation are all decided by the manufacturers. ApparelX does not have any control regarding those fees and limitations.

About price

The price may be changed without notice due to price revision. Please note.

About product specifications

The product specifications on the product details page are the manufacturer's specifications or the actual values measured by us.

About colors and patterns

Some products are handmade one by one. Please note that products with the same color and pattern may not be available.
Deliver From Japan
USD | United States dollar