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ApparelX is B2B e-commerce site for the apparel industry.

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About ApparelX

What is ApparelX Global?

ApparelX Global was launched in 2020, making a global fashion industry more efficient, and more wonderful. All people at apparel companies worldwide can procure high-quality apparel materials at ApparelX Global which has now mainly Japanese fabric, buttons, lining, fasteners, ribbons, hooks, etc. We are transforming into a revolutionary global sourcing platform where you can purchase any kinds of products including clothes from various countries. As of now, you can use this site in English only, with several currencies. We will expand.

What is ApparelX?

ApparelX was born to transform the inefficient material procurement process of the apparel industry. How can we find out more efficiently and more effectively the apparel materials such as fabrics, buttons, linings and fasteners that have to be found in a huge sample book or catalog? Isn't it possible to realize order communication that follows telephone, fax, and complicated routes in an excellent way of the world standard? And can we change the BtoB market for apparel products and sewing services from something that is personal and labor-intensive to something new?

We want to solve the unfortunate situation caused by limited information investment and fragmented systems in this amazing apparel industry that allows us to create things that are familiar, visible, and shaped, but in a rapidly changing trend. Information in one. Information is easily propagated from wearable devices and smartphones, and planning, design, production, distribution, retail, and back office work together as one. I want to create such a world. That's how Apparel X was born.

In the future, we will continue to involve a variety of players and reach any place in any country. We will change B2B in the apparel industry.

Features of ApparelX

Participation of various manufacturers and suppliers

Various manufacturers and suppliers are selling products on ApparelX. We will continue to increase in number and make procurement of apparel materials even easier.

Various SKU management such as product number, product name, size, color, slider, unit, etc.

Apparel materials have various attributes. We will change the experience of purchasing apparel materials by incorporating industry specifications that are difficult to handle on ordinary mail-order sites, making it easy to search and select.

Full color function

Color is especially important in fashion. In addition to searching by color, the site structure emphasizes color, such as enriching color images and selecting with color chips.

Special price for customers

ApparelX is a corporate-only site for members only. If the rank rises due to sales results, etc., only customers will be offered a more affordable price. Basically, we also offer sample support at a unit price corresponding to mass production.

A treasure trove of information by registering sample books

Try entering something in the search area at the top of the screen. By registering all kinds of sample books as data together with images, you can find the product you are looking for in one shot.

Optional functions such as dyeing, processing and bespoke

Visually instruct dyeing buttons and ribbons, instruct processing such as specified length cutting of tape and chip processing, order tie and chief sizes, and order bespoke products. That's possible with ApparelX.

Accumulation and utilization of information by AI

Fabrics and designs and materials used. Color relationship. Apparel material robot "Mr. Xie" gathers various information and provides information that is indispensable for the industry.

Support for various devices such as smartphones

From search to payment, it is compatible with various devices such as smartphones, tablets, Macs, and Windows. With a smartphone, you can easily purchase materials, search for past orders, and grasp the latest trends on the go.

Providing various payment methods such as credit cards and credit transactions

You can choose the payment method from credit card, bank prepayment, cash on delivery, and credit transaction. The credit card uses the service of STRIPE, and is PCI DSS compliant and secure. This site does not store, transmit or process card information.

Supports various delivery methods

You can take advantage of the various shipping methods offered by your suppliers and procure goods while balancing cost and convenience.

Available for multiple users

With a two-step company / user account, multiple users can log in to the site at one company. You can procure materials while sharing information between users.

Future development of ApparelX

A comprehensive marketplace for apparel products and sewing services

We will grow into a comprehensive BtoB site that handles not only materials but also apparel products and garment factory services. We aim to become an indispensable site for the apparel industry, from procurement to sales, manufacturing and sewing.

Global expansion

Bring Japanese products overseas. Overseas products to Japan. We will expand globally through multilingualization, multicurrency support, and international delivery support. Make BtoB transactions for apparel flat, without boundaries and transparent. That is where ApparelX aims.

Release of industry compatible cloud ERP "iTeams"

Behind ApparelX is a web service "iTeams" (IT Teams) that manages the business of the apparel industry. We will release iTeams that supports ordering, inventory management, billing / payment, groupware, workflows, accounting, payroll, and attendance of apparel products.

ApparelX operating company


Design X Co., Ltd., which composes the EXCY group together with Yamamoto Co., Ltd. and Okura Trading Co., Ltd., develops and operates the site. Design X Co., Ltd. develops and sells various IT services that solve problems in the industry.

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