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ApparelX is B2B e-commerce site for the apparel industry.

Dye / Cut / Sew

From an apparel maker's side, it takes a lot of work to plan and develop the final product, procure raw materials, dye, process, sew, inspect, and deliver, and sell the final product to the customer. At ApparelX, we will operate services that enable material manufacturers and apparel manufacturers to streamline their dyeing, processing, and sewing processes.

ApparelX will be able to develop products by having a company that does more dyeing, processing, and sewing with more technical capabilities provide the products, and by providing a place where transactions with apparel manufacturers can be carried out smoothly. Allows you to reduce the burden.


We can respond to detailed requests related to dyeing, such as requests for easy and direct purchase of dyed fabrics, requests for dyeing that focuses on the color of the fabric. Based on our knowledge and experience as an apparel trading company, we will carry out a product lineup to meet the needs of our customers and make a partnership with a dyeing factory.


It is necessary to pre-process the sewing process such as cutting and printing on plain dyeing, but by ordering through ApparelX, it is possible to order easily with the desired cut.


You can find a sewing factory that meets your needs, from a high-quality sewing factory that can handle short delivery times and small lots to a large-scale sewing factory that has a low price. These processes can be easily followed by managing them from the ApparelX management screen.
Deliver From Japan
USD | United States dollar