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ApparelX is B2B e-commerce site for the apparel industry.
About ApparelX
Service Outline
ApparelX was born in 2018, and ApparelX Global was launched in 2020. Please check our profile.
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You can check our Terms and Conditions.
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You can check our Privacy Policy.
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You can check our Special Commercial Notation.
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Main Guides
We explain all payment options you can choose, and what you need to take care of.
We explain all delivery options we offer to you, and the delivery date and the cost.
We explain all stock status that you can see on the page, and the lead time and the disclaimers.
Dye / Cut / Sew
We explain all services of dying, cutting, and sewing that ApparelX offers to you.
Other important information explained. Cutting fee, Price, Specification, Color, etc.
ApparelX Guidelines / Services
EXCY Group
ApparelX is operated by EXCY Group. We explain EXCY Group.
Okura Shoji
Okura Shoji is a main supplier of ApparelX. We explain Okura Shoji.
DesignX is an IT operator of ApparelX. We explain DesignX.
ApparelX Point
You can get ApparelX Point each time you purchase. The system of the point explained.
Start Business
You can start business with ApparelX. It's as a maker, it's as a supplier. The business is worldwide.
Deliver From Japan
USD | United States dollar