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We explain all payment options you can choose, and what you need to take care of.
We explain all delivery options we offer to you, and the delivery date and the cost.
We explain all stock status that you can see on the page, and the lead time and the disclaimers.
Dye / Cut / Sew
We explain all services of dying, cutting, and sewing that ApparelX offers to you.
About Payment
I selected "Bank advance payment" as the payment method, but I would like to change it to "Cash on delivery."
Please contact our support page or our order staff.
If you choose cash on delivery, a cash on delivery fee of 300 yen (excluding tax) will be charged separately.
I would like to pay directly in cash at the store pick-up. Can you do it?
We are sorry, but we cannot accept payment at the store. If you choose to pick up at the store, please place an order on ApparelX in advance, and the only payment method is "credit card" or "bank prepayment".
I would like a combined receipt, is that possible?
Is possible. If you write it in the remarks column at the time of ordering, or contact the support page or the person in charge of receiving orders, we will send you a combined receipt by e-mail within a few days after the shipment is completed.
Can I get a paper receipt?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you print them yourself.
If you paid by credit card, we will send you a receipt by e-mail.
In the case of bank advance payment, the copy of the transfer will serve as a receipt.
Also, if you log in to ApparelX and proceed to the order history from the My Account page on the upper right of the screen, you will see a page called "Order Details / Receipt" just below the order number on the right of the screen, and you can print it from there. .
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Please tell me the number of products in stock.
Please contact us from the contact form on the support page.
At that time, please describe the details such as product number, product name, color number, desired quantity. We will check the stock quantity and reply.
The white button looks yellow. It looks like the colors are different even though they have the same color number depending on the size.
In the case of white or light color such as polyester material, the color of the button may change due to the influence of lot and aging at the time of production.
If you really want to match the color, there are methods such as dyeing according to the color of the textile from the one for dyeing.
However, even if dyed, the color may change over time such as 5 to 10 years.
Can I order products that are not listed on ApparelX?
It is possible to arrange items that can be ordered even if they are not listed.
Please contact us for details such as desired product, product number, size, color, quantity from the contact form on the support page.
Is it possible to order the dough so that there is no cutout?
If you want to have it cut, you can request it, but there is a chance that it may end up being cut in half.
In the case of cuts, if there is a break in the middle, we cut it a little longer.
Furthermore, even in the case of raw rolls, there may be cut pieces in the middle, so please order in an amount that allows for some leeway (loss).
I chose priority delivery (processing and production), but what does it mean to process from long items?
The stock of zipper, 2CHC concealment of zipper products, is the length of your designated frankly does not have an inventory. In the case of processing production, it is possible to process by making a longer zipper, but in that case the delivery time will be faster, but the unit price will be higher. If you want to process from a long stock immediately, please select "priority on delivery date (unit price increase)".

The following article is about coil zipper, but I will write about the zipper inventory.
What are the characteristics of button sew thread?
The raw material is a high-strength polyester specifically for attaching buttons that is resistant to "pulling" and "bending". It can withstand severe friction well and prevent the button from falling off. Give the thread an appropriate amount of stiffness to hold the button firmly. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as sewing that takes advantage of its thickness, strength, and durability.
What kind of material is a China button?
"China buttons" are spherical buttons used in traditional Chinese clothing. It is usually tied to the fabric and has no buttonholes. When fastening, a method of making a knot to fasten the fabric is used.
What is lock sewing thread ?
thread for overlock sewing machines that are used to prevent fraying of cloth and to sew stretchy knit materials. You can choose according to your application, such as elongation and covering power.
Which is the destination of the cloth button fabric or the color sample for dyeing?
Please fill in the instructions such as the front and back of the fabric and send it to the following.
2-5 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Yamamoto Building 4th floor
To ApparelX representative
What is chemical lace?
Chemical lace is a type of lace that is made by thread processing, and it is a kind of embroidery lace that makes patterns by embroidery. there is.
What kind of material is Mossa?
Mossa (Mosser) is a thick, soft, fuzzy textile made from a blend of wool, acrylic, polyester, and nylon. It is typically used for cold weather garments such as outerwear, coats and jackets.
What kind of material is ripstop textile?
It refers to a high-strength textile that uses a special weaving technique to prevent holes from spreading even when torn. Generally, it is made using materials such as cotton, polyester, and nylon, and is used in outdoor goods, military goods, sportswear, etc. There are also fashion items using ripstop textile with colorful patterns.
I ordered the fabric in the roll, but the quantity is not exactly what I ordered?
If we receive your order of the fabric at the roll, because we have become the arrangement of the normal turbulent winding, there is a possibility that before and after the quantity that we receive.
Therefore, if you change the ordered quantity, we will inform you of the quantity by e-mail each time.
If the quantity is large, we will refund the difference, and if the quantity is small, we will refund the difference within a few days after the shipment is completed.
About Products In General
Can I return or exchange?
As a general rule, we do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer mistakes in ordering.
However, if there is a defect such as dirt or chipping, we will respond by returning or exchanging.
What does it mean that there is no stock even though it was displayed as shipping on XX days?
We are very sorry about the inventory, but we are trying to clarify the shipping date or inventory status as accurately as possible for both our inventory products and products ordered from manufacturers, but due to allocations and inventory information deviations, etc., 100 % The information is not accurate.
For details, please refer to the ApparelX product inventory guide linked below.
I am worried that the color seen on the screen matches the color of the actual product
At ApparelX, we try to take pictures that make it easy to understand the color of the product as much as possible.
Since the color of the monitor and the environment are different for each customer, we recommend that you order the sample book of the product before purchasing if you are worried.
I want to change the size (zipper length) after ordering. What should I do?
Please let us know the changes from the support page . It will be changed in ApparelX. If there is a change in the payment amount, we will request additional payment if the amount is increased, and refund processing if the amount is decreased.
I want to purchase a product that is not registered in ApparelX...
We will arrange it. Please contact us from the support page .
What if I want to order a sample book?
Please click the "Add sample book to cart with 1-Click" button on the relevant product page to place an order. In addition, in the category "Sample Book" , we are handling general sample books that are not listed on the product page. Please consider together.
About The Order
Can I specify Yamato Transport?
It is possible, but an additional shipping fee will be charged.
*The delivery fee for Yamato Transport has increased, and we apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.
If you have any requests, please contact the support page .
Is it possible to specify the delivery date and time of the product?
Is possible. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please let us know your desired date and time from the support page. Please note that if you choose Nekoposu as the delivery method, you cannot specify the date and time.
I purchased the products of the supplier Yamamoto and Okura, but only the Yamamoto portion is displayed as shipping completed. Are other products not shipped?
The supplier Yamamoto will be displayed as shipping completed when the products are ready, but if you place an order with the supplier Okura, all the products will be shipped together.
After the shipment is completed, we will contact you by e-mail that the shipping process is completed, such as the shipping company and invoice number.
What if I want to change the color, size, quantity, etc. after ordering?
After confirming your order, it cannot be changed if it has already been cut or shipped, but it can be changed before it is arranged. Please contact us from the following.
As a general rule, we ask that you pick up the products that could not be changed.
I placed an order but want to cancel it once
As long as the payment method is bank prepayment, cash on delivery delivery, or credit payment, if the order has not yet been processed, it is possible for the customer to cancel the order themselves.
Please cancel from "Cancel order" in the order history of My Account.
If paying by credit card, please contact the support page or TEL: 03-6285-2899 (9:00 - 18:00 on weekdays) with the reason for cancellation.

After completing order processing,
Please contact the support page or TEL: 03-6285-2899 (9:00 - 18:00 on weekdays).
I want to add an additional product to the product I ordered previously
When you place a new order, select "Shipping method/Shipping" from the cashier screen and select "Included shipping from previous order".
I have selected store pick-up as the shipping method, but I want to know if all the items are in stock.
When the product is ready, we will send you an e-mail "notice of shipment completion".
When you receive the email, please contact Okura Shoji Tokyo Branch (4F Yamamoto Building, 2-5 Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041)
Please pick it up.
What should I do if I want to change the product or change the shipping address after confirming the order with a credit card?
Please contact the support page or the person in charge of taking orders. Please note that it may not be possible to change or cancel the product after it has been arranged.

I want to check if the item has been shipped.
You can check the status of the ordered products from the order history from the My Account screen.
When the shipment is completed, "shipped" is displayed.
In addition, the person in charge of shipping will send an email "Notice of completion of shipping processing" to the registered email address.
Should I check if the order has been placed?
You can check your order history from the order history on the My Account screen. If there is a display here, the order is complete.
When the order is completed, ApparelX will send an email "Thank you for your order" to the registered email address.
When the order is completed, the person in charge of ordering will send you an email saying "Notice of completion of order processing".
What should I do if I want to select "Bundled with previous order" but cannot?
You cannot select it unless the delivery address on the cashier screen is the same. Please check if the delivery address is the same.
Also, if the product has already been shipped, you cannot select it.

I'd like it to be delivered by XX days ...
Please fill in the desired delivery date entry field at the cash register.
If the shipment is not in time for the desired delivery date, the person in charge will contact you.
Is it possible to have it shipped to the specified destination?
Is possible. Please enter your desired destination from "Change" on the cashier screen. The address you registered once will be selectable from the next time onwards.
I have selected "Ship all at once" as the shipping method, but I would like you to ship the products that are available first.
Please contact the support page or the person in charge of ordering. If you divide the shipment into two parts, a separate shipping fee will be charged, so we will inform you of the payment method.

I want to change the shipping address...
Please let us know the shipping address from the support page . It will be changed in ApparelX.
I have not received my order confirmation email...
Please check your junk mail box. If it is not in the junk mail box, there may be a system problem. Please contact us from the support page . You can check the order status from the order history in My Account.
Please tell me the carrier and the invoice number.
We will send an email from the supplier upon shipment. The shipping company and invoice number are listed in the email. please confirm.
I want to change only one color number. What should I do?
Please let us know the changes from the support page . It will be changed in ApparelX.
I would like to confirm whether the product has been ordered.
Once your order is complete, we will send a "Thank you for your order" email to your registered email address.
You can check the status of your order from the order history on the My Account screen.
About Account Registration
I received the "Welcome to ApparelX" email and pressed the button to verify my email address, but I got the message "Verification cord is invalid."
What should I do?
The authentication has already been completed and the registration is complete.
If you click it twice it will say invalid cord.
Therefore, you will be able to log in using the email address and password you entered when you registered, so please do so.
The ApparelX is garbled and I can't see the email.
Order confirmation emails from ApparelX and emails such as order completion / shipment completion notifications are basically HTML emails, so please make settings so that you can receive HTML emails.
One example is to change the character cord settings.
IApparelX receiving emails from ApparelX...
There are various possible causes, but they are often treated as junk mail and are often stored in junk mail boxes. please confirm. Also, if you do not receive the email by all means, you may have received it by registering with another email address. Please try them together.
I haven't received an address verification email.
If you do not receive the e-mail, it may be junk e-mail. I would like you to set the reception of "" by specifying the domain.
If you do not receive the email even after changing the reception settings, please contact us using the contact form on the support page.
We will check the current situation.
I want to change the registered information.
You can change it by checking and changing the registration information of My Account.
I can't log in because I don't know the registered password and I have changed my email address.
Please contact us from the contact form on the support page.
At that time, please also contact us with the registered e-mail address before the change.
I forgot my registered password.
Password reset Please reset your password from the email sending page.
Can it be used by individuals?
We apologize for the ApparelX, but ApparelX is a corporate service, and we do not accept transactions with individuals.
Registration is possible if you want to sell products made for commercial purposes rather than for personal use.
If you have a shop name, please indicate the shop name and register.
About The System
What are your business hours?
We accept orders and ApparelX from ApparelX 24 hours a day.
Responses from our company and customer support are available from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
We are closed on Sundays, public holidays, and certain holidays such as summer and year-end and New Year holidays.
I can't add items to my cart! What should I do! ?
ApparelX version 10 or below of the browser Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer). Please upgrade to version 11 or higher, or use other browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox. Also, please try from other terminals such as smartphones.
If the product is out of stock, can't I hide it?
Although it is linked to inventory, we are still in discussions with each manufacturer, but at the moment there is no prospect of implementation.
This is because even if the manufacturer issues inventory information, it cannot be shared in real time if the allocations are made due to orders from other trading companies or customers. If there is something out of stock, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we will change it to a product or color that is similar to you, or we will wait for the delivery date.
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